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designerThe Custom Clothing Designer gives you endless options to easily customize clothes and accessories with your own design online. Choose from more than 100 different high quality products. Upload your own personal images, write your own text or use our premade graphics to make clothes that look just the way you want. The possibilities are huge.
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Discounts: 5% off on orders above $200, 7.5% off on orders above $500 and 10% off on orders above $750!

Mens custom t-shirt, custom kids clothing, custom womens clothing

What types of clothes can I design?

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Hats, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Bags, Sweatshirts, Sports Wear, Underwear, Ties, Baby Clothing and Dog Clothing are just some of the current selection of clothes that you can choose from. Besides from clothes we have also got some great accessories and misc products like Coffe Cups, Mousepads and Buttons. All of which you can apply your own custom design.

Make Highly Appreciated Unique Gifts or Design a Custom Outfit for Yourself or your Business/Organization
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Popular uses for this service

Create clothes for birthday parties. Clothing for other kinds of parties where it would be fun to all be wearing the same special clothes. Sports wear for a team's same outfit with the members personal names and individual number on the back. Clothes for a family where all can have their personal touch. Uniform clothing for a shop's clerks or other busniesses where you would like everyone to have a professional and uniform clothing.

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Other uses for this app

Create stand out clothes that will make you noticable in a crowd. Creating funny t-shirts and other products for gifting to friends and family. Designing clothes that show your support for a political cause or any other causes.


The default custom clothing designer you will arrive at when clicking the links to "start the designer!" above will take you to the USA version of the designer. Be aware that you could also choose to go ahead and use the almost exact same service at our European version. Click here. (currently unavailable :(

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